QuietCool was fined over $200,000 in late 2017 by the California Energy Commission for misrepresenting the air flow performance of their whole house fans. They agreed in writing to publish the test results required by the CEC to the Home Ventilation Industry specification 916 (HVI-916). QC now publishes that but continues to claim their fans pull more air. You can see the agreement and the fines here

QC continues to say that their fans pull more air than the HVI-916 tests show. You can see this on any store ad on the internet. As an example, Home Depot offers the
QuietCool Model # QC ES-7000 and their web page says "Moves air at a rate of 6878 CFM" then lower on the page it says "HVI-916 airflow rate for California: 5170 CFM" So the fan is really a 5170 CFM not 6878.

As a home inspector you might want to add this to your reports to show your knowledge.

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