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    Default Condensate Pump in Attic

    Ok, looks like a new addition was done on the house and the secondary drain line previously drained out the back of the house, and I could not find where the primary drained.

    However what I ended up finding was A) No Secondary, and B) The primary has a condensate pump that had the drain line which actually pumped upward, (dumb), but the line went back into the condenser, once it entered I could not trace it anymore.

    Any ideas as to why it would go into the condenser ?

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    Default Re: Condensate Pump in Attic

    All of the condensate pumps I see pump "up", mostly because that's why they have to use a pump in the first place (no gravity assist).

    I can't clearly see the pic of what you're showing, are you describing the outside termination for the drain line? Where in, or on, the condensing unit is the tube?

    I have found that a large number of pumped condensate drain lines do not go where I expect, and they are routed to the closest daylight source they can find, taking whatever path was the simplest at the time of install.


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