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    Default Gas Wall Furnace

    I think this is the first time I've seen this setup. There is an older Williams wall furnace installed. It is not a direct vent model. The type of furnace is open on both sides of the wall, with a factory designed metal louver on both sides. The main area is definitely not confined space. There is plenty of cubic feet in the main room. The other side of the wall is a small bathroom. That's the part that doesn't feel right. I can find all of the restrictions on gas appliances in a bathroom, bedroom or bedroom closet, but nothing about if it is shared on both sides of the wall. I am guessing that the same aspect applies if it is shared as if it existed only in the bathroom and was not shared.

    Any insight?

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    Default Re: Gas Wall Furnace

    My first question is: when you removed the factory made grille covers on each side, did the furnace enclosure itself look like it was factory made to have both sides open? Or could the enclosure have had a back/side cut open and modified so a second factory made grilled cover would fit on it?

    My second question is: what is the manufacturer and model number so a Google search could be made to try to find installation instructions?

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