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    Default Type b vent locations

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    Default Re: Type b vent locations

    Quote Originally Posted by Wendell Swedberg View Post
    I couldn't find a code reference to say not to do this, but is there a reference I'm missing....the two type-b vent are located in close proximity of each other and i'm feeling it's wrong (2year home under IRC 2000).


    shouldn't the clearance from the fence to the A/C be 12 inches?

    Yeah, I know about the satellite dish, it's just screwed into the shingles , not properly flashed.
    Vents are OK.

    Satellite dish should not be mounted on the roof at all, regardless of flashing, etc.

    The clearance for the condenser unit depends on the manufacturer. Some require more and some less than others. You do need a 36" working space to access the internal components at the access panel.

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    Default Re: Type b vent locations

    12" clearance seems to be typical, however, I've seen some which state that *one side* may be reduced to 6" when multiple units are installed next to each other. Of course, though, that does not apply when no other unit is there.

    I've also seem one which stated 12" on two sides, 36" on one side (the service access side, as Scott was pointing out), and left the other side as unstated (did not reference that side at all). That could be taken as that one side could be reduced to 0". I called the factory and all they would tell me is 'however it is shown in the installation instructions is what the clearances are', never could get a definitive 'yes' or 'no' from them on the 0" for that unstated side.

    I always went with 12" minimum (24" minimum between units as each needs its own 12") unless I found something which stated otherwise.

    Also of note you that photo, the disconnect *is on the far side* of the condenser unit and there must be access to it. Typically, you would want at least 30" access to the working space (but I can justify allowing 24" because of wording in the NEC). Being as there is little to no space on the right, then only access is between the condenser unit and the wall, and that's what - only about 12" or so?

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