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    Default CSST Flex gas kine

    Is this legal? Have the rules changed?
    Is it ok for CSST line to be connected directly to the gas meter, through the wall, through the wall cavity up to the attic to the manifold, pressure regulator then to all "appliances?" From there the lines were "hidden" in the walls to the fireplace and gas stove.

    No grounding or bonding noted other than connected directly to the meter.


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    Default Re: CSST Flex gas kine

    Doesn't look like GasTite (yellow) flex gas line.

    Looks like "appliance" flex.

    I would say "NO".

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    Default Re: CSST Flex gas kine

    That may be CSST with the jacket removed. If so, it needs protection and support (can't tell from your photo)
    If it is gastite, here is the installation manual link

    and excerpts from the manual:
    Unsupported Meters – Meters that
    depend on the service supply line
    and/or the house piping for support
    shall not be directly connected to
    the CSST.
    Self-Supported Meters – Meters that are independently supported with a
    bracket can be directly connected to the CSST as shown in Figures 4-46
    and 4-47 below. If practical, direct CSST connections shall include a 3
    to 6 inch loop of tubing (as shown) to accommodate differential settling
    and meter movement. No mechanical protection of the tubing is
    required for outdoor meter connections; however, ensure that the local utility supports this practice as some utilities have regulations specifying meter
    attachments. Ensure that any exposed sections (jacket removed) of the stainless tubing at the fitting are wrapped with tape. This is especially important with masonry constructions.

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