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    Default Gas line in cowl & in front of exhaust

    Home built 2001. Heat pack.

    Rigid black pipe gas supply exits cowl between heat pack and foundation wall and passes directly in front of the exhaust of the heat pack. Pitting and corrosion on gas line.

    The gas supply comes from crawlspace, through the foundation wall and travels inside the cowl, pierces cowl and then runs along outside of heat pack before entering front of heat pack.

    I guess since there is already a hole in the foundation covered by the cowl, it kinda makes sense to run the gas pipe there so one less hole. But I am not to happy about the gas line passing directly in front of the exhaust. Pre-heating the gas seems ...odd?

    Wadda ya think?

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    Default Re: Gas line in cowl & in front of exhaust

    I think the 1st picture shows pretty clearly why the gas pipe should be relocated. Rust and decay will continue until there is a leak.
    Around here at least, they aren't allowed to run any utility piping through ductwork.
    What if the gas pipe leaks inside the ductwork, even only a little constantly? Why do I always have a headache?
    What if vibration overtime scrapes the insulation off the wire where it's touching the un-reamed conduit cut at the coupling inside the ductwork and energizes the pipe, the duct, the floor register that little tommy is sitting on to make his butt warm?
    It looks like lazy workmanship to me.
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