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    Default HVAC New Installation

    Other than sloppy workmanship is there any reason why a HVAC installer would just leave the zoning panel and transformer just laying on top the attic equipment like this? I've probably done over 3000 inspections and never seen crap like this on a brand new install. I don't know of any building codes that would prohibit it other than the general manufacturers installation manual.

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    Default Re: HVAC New Installation

    If the transformer has live wires connected to it then it should be mounted in an enclosure.
    As for the zoning panel ? Don't know. Maybe the instructions say where/ how and if, it should be mounted to anything.
    Alarm equipment should not be located in the attic because the temperature can exceed manufactures limits.
    This may apply the other electronic equipment as well.

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    Default Re: HVAC New Installation

    If you can get your hands on the install instructions for that zone panel I would bet it isn't approved for installation in an attic like that.

    Transformer should have been mounted in the equipment with the line voltage wiring NOT exposed like it is.

    I've seen a lot of bad zone systems but yours has to take the prize Ken.

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    Default Re: HVAC New Installation

    - Transformer should be screwed on inside the cabinet with the rest of the controls.
    - We don't allow romex at all, so I'm guessing nonetheless it shouldn't be hanging in the air like that.
    - Is that a yellow flex gas hose to the unit instead of black pipe?
    - panel should be mounted somewhere
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    Default Re: HVAC New Installation

    Just plain poor quality install.

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    Default Re: HVAC New Installation

    Zone Control panel needs to be mounted!
    This is a 40 VA transformer and the line voltage wires (BLK & White) go inside of the unit.The unused orange wire appears to be for a 240 Volt primary use. The transformer should have been mounted and secured with the line voltage wires in a box. The control wires can be outside the unit. The transformer can also be mounted outside the unit so long as it is secured. They used the wrong style of transformer, They should have used a box mount 40 VA transformer and installed another box on top of this unit. Just poor workmanship !

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    Default Re: HVAC New Installation

    Broke for lunch.
    Forgot to come back....


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