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    The close up of the wiring is on the right side of the Fujitsu unit. The plastic cover on the right is bowed out and stressed as you can see on the screw below the wires. The wires are pinched. This seems like a problem to me, but there seems to be no other way to run the wires into the grommets. What do you guys think?

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    Quote Originally Posted by John Achin View Post
    What do you guys think?
    Not having a not-so-close-up photo of that area ... I am thinking that the plastic cover was left off like that so the inspector could see that bushings/strain reliefs were used, and then no one moved it back where it should be - where the other screw in that photo is.

    Don't forget to write up that disconnect behind the condenser unit - the required working space in front of the disconnect is not there.

    Because of that second disconnect, it looks like they had originally wired for two of them.

    Hopefully, that copper pipe with the turned down elbow *is not* a T&P discharge from a water heater.

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    Thank's for the input Jerry.


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