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    Default re: propane clearances

    (this question was originally posted in the Electrical section, but it seemed more appropriate here)

    The "propane clearances" thread below was discussing propane tank clearances. In my situation today, the electrical service entrance (was a meter, but is still active as a junction box with breaker disconnect) is about 3 feet away from a LP gas shut off valve next to house (manufactured home). PS, there is also a crawlspace entry about 5 ft away that is not in the picture. Note - the actual propane tank is at least 50 feet away.

    What prompted my question is that while on site I was told by someone that the LP supply company had red-tagged a similar setup at a different house until that person relocated the gas line. However, I don't see how the clearance requirements for propane tanks apply to a gas turn off valve (as I was told earlier today). Propane tanks can out gas at the pressure relief valve, but shut off valves shouldn't leak unless broken. Any ideas?

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    Default Re: propane clearances

    See answer in electrical section thread.

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