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    Default Worst AC System Ever

    I saw this absolute mess of a central AC system on my Friday afternoon inspection

    Pic 1 - This is the first clue that something is awry. The secondary condensate drain line at the exterior roof soffit is dripping. Hmmmmmm???
    Pic 2 - This is a view from the hallway at the only AC return vent on the ceiling. The view was wide open into the attic with no ducting around it.
    Pic 3 - As I entered the attic, it was cold up there and it was 70 degrees outside. I could feel cold air blowing all over and the roof decking was stained above the air handler unit. Damp musty smell too.
    Pic 4 - The main supply duct trunk coming off the air handler was taped with blue painter's tape.
    Pic 5 - The top corner of the main supply trunk had split open and air was blowing out against the stained roof decking.
    Pic 6 - The return duct trunk was completely dismantled and laying on the attic floor. Most if not all the return air was being pulled from the attic.
    Pic 7 - The overflow pan was filled with water.
    Pic 8 - The primary drain pan inside the air handler was filled with water and the insulation inside appeared dark and stained with mold.
    Pic 9 - The roof decking above the air handler had an elevated moisture level.

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    Default Re: Worst AC System Ever

    Geesh! What a mess!

    Thank goodness you said stained and not the TM word! Right Jerry!

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    Default Re: Worst AC System Ever


    You heard of those new fangled attics which are 'semi-conditioned space', right?

    That's the first step toward making one - semi-conditioning the attic.

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