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    Default Primary drain line material

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    Default Re: Primary drain line material

    From what I see the pipe is well pipe. It is usually used from the pump or foot valve to the holding tank. It is water rated.

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    Default Re: Primary drain line material

    Quote Originally Posted by John Stephenson View Post
    What type of drain line material is this? See arrow. Is it "allowed"?
    I guess a question to that question would be "What is wrong with it"? Keep in mind that you are draining condensate from the HVAC unit. As long as it has the proper traps and does not enter directly into a sanitary drain it should not be a problem.

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    Default Re: Primary drain line material

    Looks like it might be ABS, and that fitting is likely to collect all kinds of gook and crud, causing the condensate line to back up from that point.

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    I'd be more concerned with the flex gas line entering the housing. This is known to have the potential to cause a fire.

    Put a protective gromet around the wall penetration or repumb to have a rigid line exit the housing where you can then make the flex line connection.



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