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    Post Energy audits: A high-tech way to stay warm this winter -

    InspectionNews has just found the following information that might be of interest to you:

    Energy audits: A high-tech way to stay warm this winter, AZ - 6 hours ago
    ... to make money and provide a more efficient and accurate home inspection, business development manager for FLIR Systems of Billerica, ...


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    Default Re: Energy audits: A high-tech way to stay warm this winter -

    Well, I guess this a good place to jump in. Iíve no experience with a discussion board. And I am a new inspector. I really have to agree with this article about how cool infrared is. I trained with HomeSafe last summer and received 40 hr intensive training and took a proctored test for their SIRI certification/licensing program. I actually worked with the scientists who developed their technology I tell you it was great. I had been working with a retired city building inspector for a while until he decided that inspecting was too physical. Since then I took the HomeSafe training and learned IR techniques for home inspections and for energy inspection and inspections started being lots of fun. I have been marketing my business and doing lots of presentations and people are really impressed with the infrared technology. Iíve done a number of home inspections but seem to be doing lots more energy surveys. People are more green/energy conscious.
    I just learned that my state, Missouri is going to offer a tax credit for an Energy Survey so I am checking out the states certification to qualify. I guess I am going on but with all the marketing and presentations I been making I sort of just go on and on. But it was really great to find where insulation was missing and get some good objective answers for a widow who worried about the lack of insulation in a wall. HomeSafe has actually patented the techniques, to establish a standardized, step-by-step way to do the inspection and I tell you the report is a breeze. I take lots of pictures I do the report on the commuter and I e mail it. Using the infrared picture is accurate no guessing because you have a "hard" copy something to actually show the owner and itís objective too. And the response from the public tells me that this IR technology especially for energy surveys is really the future of inspection technology.
    Well I guess I did go on but it was great to find Inspection News and Iíve enjoyed the threads, you guys write. Thanks.


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