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    Post Cheap Ain't Cheap - Nashville Scene

    InspectionNews has just found the following information that might be of interest to you:

    Cheap Ain't Cheap
    Nashville Scene, USA - 5 hours ago
    by Walter Jowers When I started my little home inspection business back in the mid-’80s, most of the crews I saw building new houses and condos were made up ...


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    Default Re: Cheap Ain't Cheap - Nashville Scene

    Geeze, he's one funny guy. One of these days I'm going to drive down there and look him up just so I can say I met him.

    Bet he don't have any editorial control over ads though.

    He says:

    The government should also confiscate all tobacco products and air-drop them into terrorist strongholds, along with porn DVDs, vodka, celebrity gossip magazines and all manner of vibrators. (Especially the vibrating Gillette Fusion razors. That would not only please the frisky terrorist women, but also give the terrorist men a new and exciting shaving experience.)

    The ad says:

    Huge selection of adult products and videos. On demand video - no membership required. Money making opportunities in the adult industry also available

    Ya oughta read the one he wrote about fake dog testicles.

    Talk about a hoot!

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    Default Re: Cheap Ain't Cheap - Nashville Scene

    Dang it....... you beat me to it. .... I wonder if he knows that's on his page?

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