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    Default "It's good enough for who it was built for!"

    "Mr. Boymelgreen is also facing criticism from residents of earlier projects. Gus Sheha of 402 Main Street, a 20-unit Boymelgreen building in Brooklyn’s Dumbo neighborhood, said residents have spent $250,000 on repairs since 2003 — including work to connect the building’s waste line to the city’s so that sewage would stop flowing into the street.
    Mr. Sheha said that in 2005 Mr. Boymelgreen offered the building’s residents a $250,000 settlement if they agreed to sign a waiver releasing him from liability for any new problems; they turned him down..."

    "When Mr. Zimmerman met with Mr. Boymelgreen and his staff about the problems in three Brooklyn buildings, he said, the developer repeatedly argued, “What do they expect - a Manhattan building?”

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    Default Re: "It's good enough for who it was built for!"

    Sara Mirski, managing director of development for Mr. Boymelgreen, maintains that he will develop the Queens theater site along with properties on West 23rd Street, upstate and in Texas. He is just waiting for “when financing is available,” she said.
    I hope he stays in New York. Sounds like he is all hat and no cattle, and we have enough of those types.

    Jim Luttrall
    Plano, Texas


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