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    Default Media Perception: Home Inspection Is A Giant Deal Killer

    I wonder if this reporter's wife is a real estate agent:

    Real Estate Matters: Home inspections can make or break the deal

    Mar 26, 2010

    Match a willing seller with a qualified buyer, a loan approval and an acceptable appraisal and you would think a successful closing is a given. But too many seemingly solid contracts fall apart unnecessarily because of a misunderstanding of the property inspection.

    But, that does NOT have to be the case.

    The home inspection is a giant deal killer for two main reasons. The first is emotions and the second is contractual ignorance on the part of both the buyer and seller.

    The emotions of the buyer and seller are the highest AFTER the contract has been negotiated because the seller feels they gave their property away, thus they are not in the mood to expend any further money on behalf of the buyer. In other words, they don’t want to fix anything.

    On the other hand, the buyer is worried that he paid too much, thus expects the seller to make the home ‘like new”.

    When emotions rule, the odds of a successful closing diminish quickly.

    The second problem is contractual ignorance, which is usually the fault of the real estate agent.

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    Default Re: Media Perception: Home Inspection Is A Giant Deal Killer

    I pretty much agree with what's written. Buyers shouldn't get emotionally attached to the the building until the keys are in their hands. The sellers shouldn't be offended because the inspection revealed the problems with their house which they should have disclosed in the first place.
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