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    Default Inspection Tips and Tools For Commercial Investment Property

    Just read an acticle from
    When you inspect a commercial, retail or industrial property, it is the physical aspects of the property that should be well explored and documented. These matters below are some of the key issues for you to review before you complete the property listing or promotion. (for details, please Inspection Tips and Tools For Commercial Investment Property |

    Tenant compliance to physical building use
    Antennas and aerials
    Asset replacement value
    Building Code Compliance
    Floor and site surveys
    As Built Drawings
    Building approvals and permits)
    Building Maintenance Unit (BMU)
    Certificates of Occupancy
    Development Approval
    Disability and Discrimination Notices
    Electrical Services
    Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR)
    Environmental Risks
    Essential Services Certification and Compliance
    Facade and Cladding
    Fire protection systems and compliance
    Geo Technical Surveys
    Historic site listing
    Hydraulic services
    Indoor air quality
    Lead paint risk
    Legionella health risk and safety compliance
    Plant Life cycle
    Maintenance contracts
    Mechanical services risks
    Nickel Sulphide Inclusion
    Noise emissions and risks
    Occupational health and safety
    Machinery risk and unsafe workspaces
    Ozone depleting substances
    Polychlorinated Biphenyls (PCB’s)
    Plant and equipment lists
    Registration of plant and equipment
    Boundary survey
    Standby generator
    Flooding risks and storm water
    Structural risks
    Synthetic mineral fibre
    Trade waste
    Traffic management
    Underground storage tanks
    Vertical transport compliance
    Building warranties
    Zoning of the property and itcompliance

    Do you have anything to add on?

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    Default Re: Inspection Tips and Tools For Commercial Investment Property

    I think they are saying you should know at least a little bit about all those items. What is important to the building owner would vary with the situation. I would try to find out what my client's expectations are before starting out. Some of those items can be taken care of by the realtors, no?

    BTW, "plant life cycle" is the power plant or mechanicals like the elevators, I think. Yes, that's important.

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