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    Post Mike Holmes says this will be good for homebuyers -

    InspectionNews has just found the following information that might be of interest to you:

    LOCAL2 Sault Ste. Marie

    Mike Holmes says this will be good for homebuyers
    As things stand now, anyone can offer home inspection services. But only registered members of the Ontario Association of Home Inspectors can call themselves a registered home inspector. Establishing minimum qualifications will increase transparency ...
    McGuinty Government to Consult on Minimum Qualifications for Home InspectorsLOCAL2 Sault Ste. Marie
    Holmes helps launch Ontario's new home inspection guidelinesCHCH News
    Ontario tightens home inspector qualificationsToronto Sun


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    Default Re: Mike Holmes says this will be good for homebuyers -

    It just goes to show you that Even Mike can't be wrong all of the time.

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    Default Re: Mike Holmes says this will be good for homebuyers -

    Mike is in no position to be telling anyone least of all the government how home inspectors should be overseen.

    He has no trade tickets, belongs to no associations, is not a mould expert, nor asbestos expert, nor is he trained in iR photography as his show portrays as well as the press.

    Further his so called standards are the standards currently in use by many associations based on ASHI standards.

    Inspections conducted under the Holmes Inspection group are sub contracted out to other inspectors who get approx. half the inspection fee and take all the liability.

    Further the current provincial government is in a minority situation, they are running a massive debt and are now proposing to freeze public sector wages and have just implemented pay freeze for public school teachers and clawed back sick days.

    Manufacturing jobs are disappearing, and there has been one scandal after another with the current incumbent, because our premier is a pathological smug liar.

    There could be an election at any time and that in and of itself could derail any licencing initiatives.

    So my question back is a repeat of what you asked; who is the government protecting, themselves or the public? The government just might be protecting themselves by diverting attention from more pressing matters.

    Further the stats don't back up that there is a huge problem with home inspectors based on BBB research data, and jurisprudence. t approx. half the inspection fee.

    Inspectors in Ontario should be up in arms that the government has approached him as an expert.

    There was another thread started on this board


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