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Long awaited continuing education & job training comes to town

The COA/IN “Get Certified” Inspection Conference will be held at the Tropicana Resort in Atlantic City, April 22-24, 2013. Ever since hurricane Sandy hit the region on October 29th the need for all types of inspectors has risen dramatically. Starting with safety inspectors to make sure damaged homes are safe to live in, then insurance claims inspectors to help individuals file claims with their insurance company. Moving forward from there the need for resale inspectors for those that have had to relocate to a new home and phase inspectors who help with the construction or reconstruction of homes and buildings.

There is a great need for inspector training and continuing education is required by all state inspector licensing agencies and national inspection associations. New Jersey inspectors have a deadline of April 30th for their continuing education requirements. Quality training opportunities can sometimes be difficult and this is the 20th year Casey & OMalley have been hosting Inspector Training Events and the second East Coast event hosted by Casey, O’Malley Associates with InspectionNews. The courses, taught by industry leading experts, include roofing, plumbing, risk management, marketing and more. The education is beneficial to those looking to get into the business as well as the experienced inspector who is in need of additional education and Continuing Education Credits. For more information visit: 2013 Atlantic City Inspection Conference

About Casey, O’Malley Associates:

COA was established by veteran inspector/educators, Kevin O’Malley and Michael Casey, both former partners in Inspection Training Associates, previously the most successful inspection school in the nation, purchased by Kaplan Professional in 2003. COA provides inspector education, both live and online, education management, risk management and claims consulting and educational conferences across North America. was established in 2001 by Brian Hannigan and is the worlds largest independent source for inspection information. Brian is also the developer and teacher of the Cost Of Business and provides web site design and hosting services along with inspection conferences around the country.


For additional information please see: 2013 Atlantic City Inspection Conference
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