Hello Home Inspectors! I wanted to let you know that a new Issue of Working RE Home Inspector Edition is available! Give it a read and let me know what you think.

Working RE Home Inspector Edition

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Playing the "Not Readily Accessible" Inspection Card
From a pad-locked electrical panel to an obstructed attic, sooner or later every home inspector encounters a situation where something is “not readily accessible.” Find out how the pros handle this often vexing aspect of everyday inspecting. read more

Rebutting Complaints
Do you know what to do– and what not to do- to make sure you have insurance coverage when you need it? Do you know how to not hurt your “case” when trouble comes? A Senior Insurance Broker experienced in inspector issues shows you how to best cover your assets when dealing with complaints. read more

Business Basics: Upping Your Game
Veteran inspector Jerry McCarthy shows you how to put you best foot forward to communicate professionalism on each and every job. read more

Expert Witness Subpoenas: How Not to Work for Free
Do you know what to do when you're subpoenaed in someone else's lawsuit? Hear from experienced home inspectors on how to best handle lawyers and subpoenas- and profit too! read more

Selling Yourself and Your Services
Are you doing all you can to market your business and sell your services? There are some simple techniques that even the most sales-averse among us can use to close the deal. read more

Inspectors: What to do with Claims
Expert insurance broker David Brauner, Senior Broker at OREP.org, shows you what to expect when the worst happens and how best to fight back. read more

How to Date a House
Do you know how “date” a house? Save the flowers and chocolates and learn from a pro in this interesting article. read more

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