To some degree, every home inspector has followed the old adage, “You have to spend money to make money.” Most home inspectors have paid for certification and training courses, licensing and business registration fees, and inspection tools and equipment. However, some inspectors take their spending to another level by adding additional services to their inspection packages. By investing in additional education, supplies, and a home inspection insurance endorsement, these inspectors hope to turn a profit. But do they?

We were curious if the concept worked in the home inspection industry, so we interviewed home inspectors who offer additional services in addition to basic home inspections.
We asked them what specialty inspections they offer, how they chose them, and how much it’s benefited their business. And, since we’re home inspection insurance providers, we couldn’t pass up an opportunity to explain how additional services may affect your insurance coverage needs. (i.e. Do you need a home inspection insurance endorsement or not?)

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