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    Post Inspecting the Inspector - Nashville Scene

    InspectionNews has just found the following information that might be of interest to you:

    Inspecting the Inspector
    Nashville Scene, USA - 5 hours ago
    Believe me when I tell you, if you’re running a home inspection business and you have to worry about coming up with 10 to 20 dollars a day for fuel, ...


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    Default Re: Inspecting the Inspector - Nashville Scene

    Walt has valid remarks. There are a number of inspectors in Virginia who stay pretty busy largly because they spend a lot effort marketing themselves to Realtors. I don't mean going by an office and dropping off some pamphlets that are directed to a prospective client.

    However, there are Realtors who stick with an inspector because they have experienced or heard about the "Other" guy who scared off buyers with ignorant stupid remarks, lack of tact, or just poor communications. In my opinion, an inspector's first and only duty is to the client (and him/her self). Sometimes, the issue may be the client and the way they take things. A lot of people hear/see what they want to hear/read, not what is actually said/written.

    Unfortunately, I have seen nothing in any home inspector certification or licensing program that requires: 1) Intelligence, (and) 2) Common Sense, 3) The ability to communicate effectively, or 4) Professionalism

    Ethics: Unethical people give not a half-second of thought to signing an ethics agreement.

    Computer Inspection software: I use it mainly for consistant appearance and a lot of things are simply checkoff and do not require an expanded comment. This can allow more time for custom comments. BUT - to rely on it to produce the correct explanation or directive for everything encountered is simply dumb! Sorry, but I am a Computer Scientist and unless you want to pay thousands for custom software, you're generally going to get what some programmer decides you need.

    Ok, thanks, venting felt good. Back to work

    The above statements are expressed solely as my opinion and in all probability will conflict with someone else's.
    Stu, Fredericksburg VA

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    Default Re: Inspecting the Inspector - Nashville Scene

    The link no longer works.

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    Default Re: Inspecting the Inspector - Nashville Scene

    Try this link, you can view all of Walters articles:
    Archives: Helter Shelter (Nashville Scene)

    Scott Patterson, ACI
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