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    Default Teen Killed By Garage Door

    This accident was avoidable.

    Boy killed in garage door accident

    A 13-year-old Indianapolis boy died after a garage door came down on his neck.

    Investigators said Terry Lee Barnett was working on an electric car when a board used to prop the door gave way.

    Police said Barnett was trapped for as long as fifteen minutes before a relative found him.

    Officials said the door had no spring mechanism.

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    Default Re: Teen Killed By Garage Door

    Some of those old wooden doors are very heavy and I have tried to lift them with broken springs and even I have to struggle to find good leverage to heave them up.

    I can imagine not being able to do it with the dam thing on your neck. I am surprised that it didn't just kill him instantly. Some of those doors could probably chop you in half from a full drop.

    Chris, Oregon

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    Default Re: Teen Killed By Garage Door

    More here:

    The Star Press

    Michael Thomas
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    Default Re: Teen Killed By Garage Door

    Even the second article doesn't disclose much other than a city official saying there was no problem with the door. I do agree with Chris that if the counter-balance springs are setup correctly, the weight coming door is several hundred pounds. Even my aluminum 2 car garage door is pretty heavy without the counterweights


    Rick Bunzel


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