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    Default Electrical Wiring Theft

    We have seen the theft of the condensing units for awhile now but these idiots are really getting desperate. Its only time till we find one fried.

    3rd. one this month I've inspected of a foreclosure that someone has crawled up in the attic space and cut out the run of wiring over the garage area. How much could this little bit of copper really be worth?

    Guess it is just another sign of the times.


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    Default Re: Electrical Wiring Theft

    Some people.

    Can you imagine how much that will cost to fix?

    Like you, I've been getting a fair share of bank owned inspections. It's amazing how past owners think it's not stealing when they take fixtures, appliances, garage door openers, etc.

    Had a "clean" compressor stolen from the outside cabinet recently at an inspection. They bolted everything up so it looked normal. Taking a look inside - the compressor was gone. A local HVAC company is selling iron, lockable covers for these outside units of a split system.

    I'm sure things will get worse before they get better.

    Someone stole a tire/wheel off my car in the driveway last weekend. They did go to the trouble of putting their flat "donut" spare on, and all the lug nuts. Very thoughtful A$$hole! Cost me over $250 for a used wheel (matching) and new tire, and lug locks. Could have been worse if they just dropped the car on the sloped driveway, so I consider myself somewhat lucky.

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    Default Re: Electrical Wiring Theft

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