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    Default That Smell Is From Some Old Boxes

    That's the explanation by client got when she questioned the musty odor in the basement while looking at the house.

    Unfortunately, the smell was from a poorly installed deck. No flashing at the ledger and a very creative support system beneathn the deck (same type of issue two days in a row for me). They had air fresheners going all over throughout the basement. You could smell the must as soon as you walked into the house.

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    Default Re: That Smell Is From Some Old Boxes

    That is one doozie of a fuster cluck. Hope the hoard that accompanied you on the inspection (saw other thread) didn't get sick.

    After recent string about that Holmes/Homes fella, I finally caught an old episode of the show early this morning.

    I can just imagine that Homes guy seeing whats in your photos screaming, "Take it all out/down, it all has to go!" "Somebody could get sick or killed, that contractor should be arrested!".

    Openings look large enough to have stuffed a corpse or two up there. Glad I didn't have to smell it!

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