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    As I was driving down a street today in a rough part of the city, I observed a lady sitting within a grocery cart out in the street on a corner of street that is traveled quite I bit.

    I passed this scene at first and then I saw her. I pulled over, looked in the mirror and seen no oncoming traffic behind me so I started backing up. I got up beside her and I asked out the window if she was ok. No response.

    After parking I got out and walked up to her and then I realized by her appearance that maybe she was deceased. I called 911 and the paramedics showed up and declared her as gone.

    After talking with the police for awhile, they told me she was a homeless person and had been seen regularly in the area.

    I had taken a picture of her before they all arrived with my phone, but have chosen not to post it. Its truly sad how people are having to live and die on the streets here in America.


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    Sorry to learn you had such a challenging and disturbing day.

    May the poor woman rest in peace. Thank you for caring about your fellow man (or woman) and for doing the right thing. I'm sorry that it didn't turn out to be a brighter moment or happier conclusion for you.

    And Rick, Thank you for sharing about your day. Reading your post prompted me to do my "things to be thankful for" inventory, earlier than usual, and this evening, you made the short list.



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    Its hard to understand how over a lifetime people make decision every day that at some point have a big effect on the later years of ones life.

    We all need to take a look at our self now and then... try to understand your pathway and its end...

    Blessed be the Lord. The Lord gives and the Lord takes away. Blessed be the Lord.

    We are all loved in his eyes...




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