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    Default Referrals from Inspection News friends

    I included this on another thread, but thought it deserved it's own.

    This year, I was able to refer several jobs to inspectors around the country. Some were my ASHI friends, but many were my Inspection News friends. Some were relatives or fiends, but most were my past clients that were moving out of Knoxville, and wanted a good inspector.

    I was very happy to pass along the contact info.

    I also want to thank everyone that referred jobs to me this year.

    I hope I can refer twice as many in 2011.

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    Default Re: Referrals from Inspection News friends

    I've "met" several inspectors - either eventually in person or just on-line - to whom I refer business here on IN - reading other peoples' posts is an excellent way to get a sense both of their technical chops and their er... "personality".

    Sometimes it's been a matter of matching people up with specific technical needs (who better to inspect in Chicago from the perspective of its quirky codes than Markus Keller?), sometimes it's been a matter of someone out of state, or even just a bit outside my convenient service area (Eric Barker comes to mind).

    I any case, it's one more way IN has been a great resource.

    Michael Thomas
    Paragon Property Services Inc., Chicago IL


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