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    Default How sweet it is

    Back in February I inspected a house that had lots of issues. My client walked. A few days later I got an e-mail from the sellers complaining that I:
    1. Left all of the lights on in the house.
    2. Did not lock the doors.
    3. Took a crap in the toilet and didn't flush.
    I responded back and told them:
    1. The flood lights were on when I got there, and I left them like I found them. As far as the other lights, they were all off when I left.
    2. With every house I inspect, the last thing I do is make sure all of the doors and windows are locked.
    3. a. I make it a point to NOT take BM's during inspections. In over 20 years, the only time I have is when I got the stomach flu during a job., and b. I was raised to always flush the toilet after using it.
    Didn't hear back.
    Well, today, as I pulled up to my afternoon inspection, guess what house?????

    While they did repair a lot of the things from my 1st inspection, they didn't do a bunch more.
    The home owner came by while I was there (vacant house) and asked my name.
    Him: Hi I'm Mr. xyz
    Me: Hi I'm Jack Feldmann
    Him: and you're with (reading my company shirt) Clayton Inspection Service....................... What's your name again?? Jack Feldmann.........hmmmm, sounds familiar.
    Me: Well i'll be here another couple of hours, so if you'll excuse me.

    He left a few minutes later. I'm guess when he gets home, he will probably remember, then have a "oh s--t" moment.

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    Post Re: How sweet it is

    You have to love this work.

    Randall Aldering GHI BAOM MSM
    Housesmithe Inspection


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