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    Default Who knew cabinet knobs were so dangerous???

    Yesterday while working my way through a kitchen, I reached up to open the cabinet above the refrigerator.
    New cabinets, new porcelain/ceramic knobs.
    I suspect one knob was over tightened, cracked, and just waiting for someone to grab hold of it. Boy did I get lucky!!
    Knob face broke off. Four stitches at the inside base of my thumb. Two bandaged finger tips!!
    We are so focused on not falling off the roof or through the attic and it is the most unsuspecting thing that gets you!
    Stay focused and be careful!


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    Default Re: Who knew cabinet knobs were so dangerous???

    Thanks, Bob. We need to expect the unexpected every day. I hope there were no major blood stains?

    John Kogel, RHI, BC HI Lic #47455


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