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    I am saddened to report that Joe Nernberg died on Saturday, March 13, 2021. I visited his facebook page and found that his family has told of his passing and has included his personally-written obituary. I have re-posted it below.

    While I never met Joe in person, I have known and communicated through various message boards with him for more than 20 years. I have grown to respect his knowledge and opinion and will miss him.

    Re-posted from Facebook:

    It is with great sadness that the family of Joe Nernberg shares the news of his passing on March 13, 2021. Joe was loved by so many. He lit up a room with his personality and smile. His humor and love for life will forever be cherished and remembered. Below is an obituary that Joe wrote in December 2019. Please read, smile, and if possible; please consider donating.

    Arnold "Joseph" Nernberg made his last wildly inappropriate and probably sarcastic comment on March 13, 2021.

    Joe was born and immediately dubbed "our favorite child" to Dan and Marlene Nernberg on June 25 of 1956.
    He is survived by his smoking hot wife of 8 years, and completely devoted, Tina... and his proudly accomplished children: Melanie, David and Alexander.

    Additionally he is survived by siblings:
    Danny Nernberg and Patti Nernberg. Great friends, family and inspiring individuals include Dennis, Ray, Bel, Brent, Austin, Alan, Awni, Aaron, Stephen, Bonni, Michael, Cheryl, Ron, Joe, Tony, Renee, Barbara, Missy, Brian, Charley, David, Luci, Jeff, Pam, Ed, Rose, Heidi, John, Ron, Sasha, and Abby.

    Don?t complain about your problems. 80% of people don't care, the other 20% are glad that they aren't you. Learn which rules are meant to be broken and which ones will come back to bite you. His two basic life philosophies are "a hand up, not a hand out" and, "surround yourself with great people."

    Joe died knowing that "Love Actually" was the best movie ever. Aerosmith is best rock n roll band, Jack Reacher is the baddest man on the planet, and that ladies dig Jeeps.

    His regrets were few but include eating a rotisserie hot dog from a convenience store in the summer of 2002, not training his faithful cat Oliver to detect heart disease, and that no video evidence exists of his prowess in the bedroom.

    Joe laughed inappropriately at every chance, learned what he wanted to learn, fixed what he wanted to fix and loved who he wanted to love.

    Cremation will take place at the family's convenience, and his ashes will be kept around as long as they match the decor.

    In lieu of flowers or popcorn, donations may be made to the Triumph Foundation.

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    Default Re: Joe Nernberg


    Sounds like he had a sense of humor, that is always a good thing.

    He sounds like he thought of things similar to the way I do:

    As long as you are vertical and above the dirt, that is a good thing.

    If you can walk and talk when you go to the doctor, and walk and talk when you leave, had bad can you be?

    If you see brown crumbly stuff in stead of green fluffy stuff, you may not be above the dirt.

    Instead of being in a casket all cleaned up in a nice suit ... be twisted up and in dirty, rumpled up clothes ... they will say 'Man, he must have enjoyed one heck of a good ride through life!"

    Long live the ones who have humor! Here's to Joe!

    Jerry Peck
    Construction Litigation Consultant - Retired


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