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Thread: Great month!

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    Default Great month!

    I did 11 reviews last month, which is a record for me!

    I'm pretty stoked, it looks like my business is starting to take hold. I know most of you guys do in a week what I did last month, but my target for the end of year three is 12 per month average. Since April is the end of year one, I'm pretty happy!

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    Default Re: Great month!

    Congrats to you Brian! Work that goal.

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    Default Re: Great month!

    If you can stay in business in this market, it's all up from here!

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    Default Re: Great month!

    Keep after it. One step at a time. My Dad "drilled into me": "Slow down, do the job as right as you can the first time so you don't have to re-do it".

    Bottom line is that I work very hard to produce a quality product and take time with my clients to be sure they understand as much as possible. I've received untold referrals due to this approach.

    I booked 5 HIs this past week alone as I took the time to talk with the potential client. In all cases they said the other HIs simply tossed out a price and didn't seem to care about them (the client).

    Makes for an easy inspection and a good relationship and high likelihood of continued referrals.


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