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    Default Life's Diversions

    I have to wander into a young man's bedroom as part of my inspection. I gotta tell ya - I probably wasted 5-minutes checking out the posters.

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    Default Re: Life's Diversions


    That's why we get paid by the job and not the hour.

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    Default Re: Life's Diversions

    I actually know that person... her name is spanky.


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    Default Re: Life's Diversions

    I don't know about the rest of you, but those things kind of depress me. I remember looking at posters like that as well as Playboy when I was young, but now I am old enough to be a father to any one of these girls. In some ways getting old sucks.

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    Back in maybe 1986 we had a Mikita poster in our construction trailer; Blue bathing suit, blue eyes and blond hair; she was VERY nice looking.

    One of my co-workers was sitting at his deck, staring at the poster in a trance; he looks up at me and says (in a slightly depressed voice);

    "just think about it, somebody goes home to that babe every night"

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