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    The house I inspected this morning had no water service ($106 water bill unpaid) and no heat. But the guys living there had enough money for this.

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    I don't smoke but have seen that before with Marlboro's because they want to get those points for stuff.
    "The Code is not a ceiling to reach but a floor to work up from"

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    What link of points ? and what kind of stuff ?

    I want my stuff. I want some stuff!!!


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    Save cigarette packages, collect points.

    Turn in 200 packages and 199.95 and get cheap jacket with your favorite cigarette brand embroidered on the back to promote more smoking.


    Except for the undertaker.

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    Good to know. Im on it. Need a new jacket for the bike.

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    Marlboro, winston, and some others as well as skoal have free stuff. You just have to go online to order the catalog.

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    Some folks will soon have to choose between buying food, gas or cigarettes. It's highly possible the tobacco companies will still thrive under this scenario.

    Go figure...


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    How many for a heart-lung transplant?


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