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    Default Miscommunication

    My report stated that the tree limbs were in contact with the roof covering. Limbs should be removed and the roof covering examined by a roofer afterwards to determine if any damages may be present. (Couldn't see all of the covering due to the amount of limbs on the roof)

    Agent called the landscape people and said, Tree limbs are in contact with the roof, do whatever it takes to correct the problem.

    Our English challenged landscapers definately solved the problem. Problem is they did not get a permit with the city to take down a large tree as required. Buyer is also upset because this tree being on the west side of the home helped shade the structure.

    Not anymore.


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    Why would they take down the whole tree? Reminds me of a friend whom worked for a tree clearing company. They were clearing a lot for new construction and the owner had put red tape on all the trees he wanted to save. Yep you guessed it they cut all the ones with the red tape. I think the guy was a little upset.

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    If they were my trees, I would have been there the morning the people with the saws were...Assuming that the message would get across without confirmation was the fatal error. Not the skin color of the worker...

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    There's no real money in just trimming the tree for a crew and truck, but take down the whole tree .. now you've got some billable hours.
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    My friend across the street had a huge elm on the property line with his neighbor. When the neighbor tried to sell, buyers were nervous about the tree. So he told my friend the tree had to come down, and since it was on the line, they would have to share the cost: $ 5,000.

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    Can I have the Number of that tree dude ?

    See the PDF Attached yes thats my car under the tree. My next door buddy needs to keep his trees trim back just a bit.



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