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    Default Certified Mail Notice

    Came in this afternoon and found a note on the door stating I had a piece of certified mail addressed to my Legal name and my company name.

    The twins went for cover.

    I drove up to the mail station and the guy told me I was in luck that my carrier had already finished his route and the letter was there.

    Sweating bullets as I was waiting for it. WTfudge was this all about? Who was coming after me.

    First thing I noticed on the envelope was that all the writing on the envelope was handwritten and no attorney name firm as a return address.

    Thank you sweet Jesus.

    I opened it only to find a check from a client in California that had rushed out the check to me as his agent had told him my policy was no check / no report.

    Came home and took (2) of those little 81 mg. aspirin heart tablets.

    Life is good.


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    Almost identical instance

    I inspected for a lawyer and he got tied up in court

    He mailed the check and of course he had his secretary send it out from the office.

    One of those things that after all these years my time had come. The man actually included an extra hundred in the price for the inconvenience.

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    Rick. dude take a brake. last week you were on the same thing with another post about phone calls. From Dr Ron your going to be OK. relax dude. slow down! slow down! slow down!



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    81 mg aspirin??? Didnt you have anything stronger like vicodin or percoset?

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    Rick - A good California chardonnay is a lot better than any pills !

    Jerry McCarthy
    Building Code/ Construction Consultant

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    1 oz of Patron Silver Tequila, 1 1/2 oz Patron Citronge Liqueur, juice of 1/2 lime, juice of 1/2 lemon, on the rocks


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