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    Default Heat Pump sweating

    A year ago I replaced the heat pump in my house, "knowing that my compresser is only 3 years old". In the past few weeks I started noticing a lot of sweating on the outside causing water to drip on the floor.
    I called the AC company who installed the system, after they seviced the technician told me that the reason for that sweating was because the insulation was comming off, I didn't buy his theory but who knows.
    Two days later the same problem occured again, each time the Ac is on there is sweat.
    Do you guys have a better explaination?

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    Default Re: Heat Pump sweating

    Having a hard time getting a mental image of what you're talking about.
    Do you have any pictures?
    Which is it, one year old or three years old?
    Is the water dripping on the floor inside or outside on the ground?
    Insulation coming off of what part, the refrigerant line, the coil?
    Why was the insulation coming off?
    There IS insulation on A/C systems that is there to prevent condensation.
    Sorry not to be any help, but some clarification is needed before anyone can comment with sufficient knowledge.
    Since the tech was there, why would you doubt him?

    Jim Luttrall
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    Default Re: Heat Pump sweating

    You are talking about the air handler unit which is inside the house.

    Yes, if the insulation is/has come loose from the metal cabinet, or if the insulation has gotten wet (which makes the insulation useless), then the cold air in the air handler will contact the metal air handler cabinet, causing the metal air handler cabinet to become cold, which then causes condensation to form on the outside of the air handler.

    If you unit is only 3 years old, I would call the warranty arm of the factory (manufacturer) which made the unit and have them send a factory representative out. If the insulation is/has come loose, the factory warranty may (may) cover it. I would certainly hope so at only 3 years old.

    Where is your air handler unit? Inside the house? The garage? The attic? Is it vertical or horizontal?

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