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    My husband has attended three Parr training classes over the last three years, has an inspector ID, completed online tutorials. The last training class he attended was in Dallas on October 9. His fingerprints came back two days later, according to PB inspections. However, Parr still has not called him, even though they opened up several more training classes. What in the world does he need to do to get deployed with Parr? Does anyone know? Any ideas? They told the class, DO NOT CONTACT Parr about your deployment. You will be deployed in 5-6 days if your fingerprints come back.

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    I'm in the field doing FEMA inspections for PB Disaster and PB is sending inspectors home as the work is drying up. I assume PaRR is doing the same.

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    Unhappy Re: Parr Deployment

    Yep, they are all done. I was released on 10/20 and am now back home.
    It was an interesting deployment over all. Some very aggravating times and heart breakers for those that lost everything and had no insurance. Even those who did were getting screwed royally. I suggested to many that they hire a Public Adjuster to fight for them.

    Did you know that in some flood prone areas the mandatory flood insurance exempts the ground floor!!! What the Hell? Why are you required to pay for something that does absolutely no good? I did several inspections on single story homes that had flood insurance that would not pay and they lost everything. Of course, the adjusters work FOR the insurance companies, not the clients.

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    yep its all over. i was realeased a day or two ago. finishing up the last couple now. luckily i live here and didn't have to spend a fortune on a place to stay while trying to find these last couple of inspections. the only problem is with living here the job i had before played out and didn't make enough to hold out until the next one. oh well it is what it is a temporary job. fun while it lasted.

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    tell him to set tight and wait till next hurricane season, that will probably be the next deployment.,

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    I was released about a week ago from doing inspections for PB in Galveston Texas. Your husbands best bet is to wait till the next hurricane and take all the training and workshops offered until then.



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