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    I just joined and wanted to say hello to all the other inspectors not working at this time (though I suspect that will all change very shortly!) I recently founded a new home inspector's association here in Oregon, Northwest Home Inspectors Association: NHIA Northwest Home Inspectors Association, which is made up of all the old-timers tired of supporting the national organizations(no disrespect to any). We now have 26 members who gather once a month to gain CEUs and to stay current, which is why I am here: to get and stay connected.
    I'm looking forward to being a part of this community!


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    Hey Steve... Welcome to the group. You were so gracious in welcoming me to your group I'd like to do the same here.

    This is a great board. There's some valuable knowledge to gain here, for sure. Perhaps, someday we'll all work again and have some experiences to share

    It's brutal out there.... the last couple weeks have been the slowest we've seen for several years or more.

    Have fun here.... carful, it's addicting

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    Hey steve great to have you around. So can you help a older American out with a $5 spot for a cup of coffee?




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