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    Default Howdy from Houston

    My name is Joel and I thought I'd drop a note and say hello, and share a little about myself.

    I have been working canstruction and A/C for the past six years, with breaks here and there to attend collage. Haven't finished yet, because full-time work and school at the same time is rough. I plan on finishing by the end of 09, by taking on-line courses.
    Eventually I came around and decided that it would be the perfect time in my life to open my own business and, with the training I already had, I decided to shoot for the home inspection field. I have just recieved my license and opened the doors to my business.
    I found this message board while looking for some information on the web. This looks like a great resource for inspectors, so I thought I'd just drop in and introduce myself.

    Nice to meet ya'll!

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    Default Re: Howdy from Houston

    Welcome aboard! One thing about will definitely get a vast amount of opinions that you can choose or make your own with!

    By the way what is canstruction? You build cans?


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    Default Re: Howdy from Houston

    Joel - If you haven't found it yet, there is a searchable archive from the previous incarnation of this board at - Home Inspection Home Inspector Inspection Report .
    Or, click on the left side where it says Message Board and pick Board Archive at the bottom of the menu.
    There's years of questions and answers there.
    Good luck!

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    Default Re: Howdy from Houston

    Welcome Joel, but don't give up on that collage.

    Your going to find that the HI biz is in a tough time right now. If your serious about the business you need to be prepared for some slow times while the consumer confidence attempts to rebound.

    If you have a full time job, stick with it and maybe try to do the HI biz on a part time level.



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