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    Default New From Michigan

    My name is Robert but you can call me Bobby!

    Been a long time reader of the forum. This will be my first post.

    Have been doing one form or another of home remodeling/inspecting/building for over 20 years in Michigan. Would love to move to the desert but have family considerations that prohibit it at this time. Someday.

    Am a US military veteran, have a pilots license, builders license, past certifications with NAHI, NACHI, PABI etc. Started out in home inspections late 1990's then drifted to more into construction while I rode the housing boom. Since that dried up around here am looking for new revenue sources.

    I have an idea for increasing home inspection volume by offering a service designed to increase market share within my territory. If it works here, it may work for other inspectors as well. It does involve a component of risk management that I haven't seen addressed here.

    I will post the thread on this idea in the Business Opperations Forum section when I'm done writing it out in a way that does'nt make me sound like an idiot. (If thats even possible)

    Anyway, glad to be aboard!


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    Default Re: New From Michigan

    Welcome Bobby,

    Don't Just look Around ( Jump In When You Can.)

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    Default Re: New From Michigan

    What Home inspection organization is the most respected one to join?


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