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    Hello everyone:

    I found & signed up on this site in April 2008 to seeif I could find an answer to a question I had at the time. This site proved to be quite useful to me. I appreciate all of you that make this site what it is. I am a Quality Control Manager (formerly a 3rd party building inspector/plans examiner) in Missouri. I hope that I can utilize this site for more excellent information & maybe be able to provide some useful information to all of you in the future.

    Thanks again for all of your help & information on the site.
    Shawn in Missouri

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    I first signed in last spring when I googled a hot water boiler problem and there was a thead on this site that came up and helped. So, I thought I would keep the site active as I never heard of it before.
    This, however, is my first, introductory post just to say I'm here -- and the thing that got me here this AM was that weird garage door without a garage. It sure woke me up!

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    Welcome, Shawn & Joseph.

    Look forward to your input.


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    Wellcome to the board. nice place to just hang. fine something that you like. see Billy about the money. he has a lot in his pockets im told...




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