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    Default show me...I'm from Missouri

    Hi yaíll IíĎve just been hanging out and reading some posts for about a week. This is all new to me. But I guess Itís time to introduce myself. I am new to the inspection business. Iíve been working overseas on US Embassies and Consulates for the past several years and really got a good look at the world. Itís really good to be back home in the good olí USA. There may be problems but I still think she is the best place on earth! Iíve been HVAC / Sheetmetal journeyman and been in involved in construction and safety for years.

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    Welcome Homer!

    You don't by chance fly jets do you?

    Rick Hurst
    Home Works Inspection Co.

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    Default Re: show me...I'm from Missouri

    Welcome Homer

    Or is this the Homer Berry

    The governorís ecclesiastical strategy is considerably more promising than that which Homer Berry, the celebrated Arkansas rainmaker, used to employ. Berry tried to manipulate nature to his will in summer droughts when there was no forecast of rain. Such was the frequency of his success, or luck, that groups were willing to hire him from time to time.

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    I think hes the guy on that TV show.

    We beter keep our eyes on him for a long time.

    Wellcome home. homer

    Its like 12:00 pm just got up to check the plumbing and the board .




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