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    Good morning ladies and gentelmen.
    My name is Dee Stevens and I, like my friend Richard Pinkerton, am a first year student at Chemeketa community college in Salem, Oregon and I am also enroled in the Building Inspection Technology program. I have been the trades all of my working life, mostly as a master upholsterer but also as a general contractor. Now that I'm in my fifties I wanted to get into something that I can do for the next thirty years or so. It's not going to be swinging a hammer. My father-in-law told me to become an inspector thirty five years ago and I'm finally getting around to it. I wish I was not so stubborn. Anyway I'm looking forward to being in the ranks of folks such as Richard.

    Inspection Referral SOC

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    Welcome aboard

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    Hi Dee,
    Glad to see you make it up here
    One of the brightest minds in the Building Inspection Technology Program, it's great to have you aboard.
    You all will enjoy the fresh view that Dee brings to any topic in Building Inspection.
    Great to see ya.

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    Dee: Welcome.


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