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    Default Just signed up...Live in Houston...however,

    Hello folks,
    I'm new to the site...some very interesting discussions. I hope to learn and contribute.
    I am not an inspector...although I am taking courses to be either a home inspector, claims adjuster or new constuction inspection.

    I've been in the residential and light commercial construction industry for many years.
    Currently, I work with a large lumber supplier as a technical advisor in our installed sales division. My specialty is window, doors and wall wrap installation. My job is to teach, inspect, trouble shoot installations we do around the country. Today, we have over 100 install crews doing primarily new construction and some retro-fit.
    My job is to make sure we follow latest building codes, Manufacturers Instructions, make a profit and don't get lawsuits.

    Well enough about me. I'm looking forward to joining you folks in discussions.

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    Default Re: Just signed up...Live in Houston...however,

    Say how did you get in ? Was the door just open. Dang. Just walk in A... L.O.L. Thats how I got when every one was not looking...

    Welcome to the board...

    OK, Just a hint. Keep your eyes open for Billy. It wont be long and he will be sinking around. trust me on that one




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