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    Default Attic terrible accident

    I am an engineer, I live in Egypt and have my best friend in the US. My friend has a house in Texas where only the living room has a double height. My friend husband went on the attic, probably to repair something in the air conditioning but suddenly, the floor of the Attic in this 10 years modern house could not whistand his weight, he fall down in the living room and died.
    I just returned from the US after condoleances but I have many questions...
    !) Are they any areas in the Attics where people SHOULD NOTwalk on?
    2) Is their a min LIFE LOAD requirement (Building code)for ALL AREA of the attic and is this life load sufficient for a person to walk on the attic?
    3) Do you think that there could be a design or constrction problem in the attic
    4) If the answer to the last question is YES, what do you think I should advice my friend to do?

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    Default Re: Attic terrible accident

    Sorry to hear about your friend.

    To address your questions,
    Assuming its an unfinished attic (as most would be in Texas):

    1. Yes, almost all the attic is "un-walkable."
    2. Attic's aren't constructed for walking, storing possessions, etc.
    3. No way to know on the internet.
    4. N/A

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    Default Re: Attic terrible accident

    2. Building code in Texas? It all depends where you live. In most places, anything goes. For the most part the CATNAP philosophy is applied. Cheapest Available Technology Narrowly Avoiding Prosecution.

    4. Not walk in the attic without proper training or experience walking in attics. Lots of tradespeople / inspectors have made a mis-step and put their legs through the ceiling.

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    Default Re: Attic terrible accident

    Double posted topic, has much discussion on this thread:

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