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    I've been looking for info on installing gas logs and in searching Google, I came across two posts from this forum and realized I registered here back in August and never introduced myself. I don't know how those things happen.
    Back when I purchased my present home, I didn't watch the Home Inspector as he went through the house. He had his young teenage daughter helping him and it took less than an hour.
    After living here for a few years I have found things that he should have put on his list. I thought, "What a waste of money." I have been very curious about what training these guys go through or if there are any standards they have to follow.
    The next time I buy a house I hope to find a Home Inspector that isn't referred to us by the realtor and watch them closely.
    I would really rather be trained to be a home inspector and do it myself. How do you qualify to be a Home Inspector?

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    Which State do you reside in?

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    First time for ya




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    I live in Oklahoma. My name is Terry, by the way.


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