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    I am brand new to the list and to Home Inspection. I decided on HI as a retirement business given that I have over thirty years in the construction business. It looks to be an interesting and rewarding job....(once the market improves a bit)

    Right now I am shopping for Insurance, I would like to hear from some of the members on the subject. What has been your experience with E&O?...I have had a lot of differing advice about this. Some guys I have talked with insist on having it, others say it is an invitation to lawyers to go after the inspector and only carry GL insurance.

    John Brooks
    Prospect Home Inspection

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    Welcome John.

    Insurance is part of a good business plan. No one in this business is perfect and everyone is suspect to a lawsuit.

    Why work all your life as you have and risk all that you have accumulated not to have insurance? One lawsuit can clean you out.

    Anyone new in this business is the first ones that should be insured. You already have a big target on your back anyway.


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    Rick is right. It just is not worth the exposure. In TN we have not choice. E&O is required. I have found a company that works with realtors a lot, a company called OREP. You can google them and get what you need. I am not saying these are the best to us but simply they are the most competitive I have found.
    Good luck with your new business.

    The Chuckster

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    John: It's always nice to see someone with applicable experience enter the profession.


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