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    Default FLORIDA-2001 FBC or 1994 South FL Bldg Code

    Hi, I'm a new member and a residential property insurance agent in SW Florida. I review FL wind mitigation inspection forms for my clients, and have found errors, or what appear to be errors. Could someone confirm which "roof covering" meets either the 2001 FBC or the 1994 So FBC? I've been given conflicting info on this. I'm clear on the roof deck attachment and the roof to wall attachment. It's the 'roof cover" that is in questions. Thanks!

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    Default Re: FLORIDA-2001 FBC or 1994 South FL Bldg Code


    Depends on the roof covering and how it is anchored (fastened) down.

    Your question is so general it does not have a simple answer, other than as I stated above (which is no help to what you were trying to find out).

    If you are in Naples, it is likely that NO roof covering was installed to meet the requirements of the South Florida Building Bode (there were two South Florida Building Codes, the Dade County edition and the Broward County edition).

    If the house was built after 2002 then it likely (should have, was supposed to have) meet the 2001 Florida Building Code, however, keep in mind that the 2001 Florida Build Code also had HVHZ sections which only to Miami-Dade and Broward counties.

    Not sure how else I can answer such a general question.

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