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    Hello all. I'm an engineering designer in SW Florida just here as a way to educate myself. I've been designing plumbing systems for about 10 years, originally learned from a master plumber, and have been learning HVAC and Electrical design for the last 2 years. Look forward to learning what I can from members and helping out where I can. I'm very familiar with Florida Plumbing codes and somewhat familiar with other codes.

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    Welcome from another member in Florida.

    Most of what is discussed here will be from the IRC or, in Florida, the Florida Building Code, Residential.

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    Thanks for the welcome.
    Whatever discussed is welcome, I try to be like a sponge and absorb info. All of it helps me to see the other end of the design I do and it helps me make better designs. Learning from a plumber has given me a leg up over most of my contemporaries in my field and some engineers I know. They tend to have a "sterile" view of things.

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    MV: Welcome Flahdah.


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