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    Default Hello from Ontario, Canada

    Hey there,
    Looks like a great learning environment here!!! I'm currently studying home inspection at a local college based on the Carson Dunlop program. I've always had a passion for the building trades and finally putting it to use. My pseudo related background is interior design/space planning.
    ps any musicians here?

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    Default Re: Hello from Ontario, Canada

    JBR: Welcome. Not a musician, but a great fan of the art.

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    Cool Re: Hello from Ontario, Canada

    Hi there...
    I finished and graduated from the Carson Dunlop program, I loved it. I am waiting to enter the training week provided by Carson Dunlop... I am so pumped to get out and begin doing Inspections... I know I have my work cut out for me, but I also know that once I get started and get my foot in the door, things will look up, or at least start too.

    Has anyone heard anything further about Ontario becoming Regulated?

    Well, nice meeting you all... Good Luck this summer!!!


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    Smile Re: Hello from Ontario, Canada


    Musician? I play piano...and I write poems...I've been told I have a real talent, and should send some away to be published, but I write them for me really, not to get fame or recognition...


    Canada's Got Talent started...FYI.

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    Default Re: Hello from Ontario, Canada

    Hello JBR in Ontario.

    I graduated from Humber Colleges Home Inspection course, they used Carson Dunlop. Have not stopped learning since.

    Good luck

    Welcome aboard.


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    Default Re: Hello from Ontario, Canada

    There is no licencing on the provincial government radar and most likely wil not be due to the economic state of Ontario deficit and all the other issues Mr. McGuinty our lying pathological lying premier has created during his tenure.

    Further the stats (insurance and BBB) do not back up that there is a need for licencing.

    However PHPIC has in the past tried to ally itself with CREA in having a realestate body call on the government to licence home inspectors, and that is the last thing any of us need - a realestate body lobbying for licencing on behalf of a misguided association.

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    Default Re: Hello from Ontario, Canada

    Pleased to meet you.

    I'm a ukulele player myself.



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