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    Hello all. I am new to your website. My name is Larry Owen and here is my bio for the company I work for, American Contractors Insurance Group (ACIG). Mr. Owen joined ACIG in November 2008. He is a graduate of the University of South Carolina with a BS degree in software engineering. He is a retired US Air Force Officer and began his second career in Quality Control and Construction some 22 years ago as a residential construction superintendent. Most recently, he was the VP, Director of Quality Managemetn and Technical Training for Actus Lend Lease in Nashville, TN (from 2005-2008). While at Actus, he trained many teams, using personnel and tools from Bovis Lend Lease, to oversee the building quality, quality processes and management of 42,000 residential rental units for the military and associated infrastructure nationwide. His teams consistently received very high marks from Zurich Risk Engineers, and other notables in the industry, and was noted as best in class by the Army/Air Force auditors. He holds certifications from the International Code Council as a Combination Inspector and Certified Building Official. He is a Six Sigma certified TQM instructor and facilitator. He is also a Home Builders Institute certified instructor in the Residential Construction Superintendent Designation series (RCS and ARCS).

    Whew! thats a mouth full. What I do is teach construction companies in our insurance captive about quality control and quality assurance. Not only for the purposes of risk mitigation but also for continuous improvement. I provide an eNewsletter to them about quality and a newsletter about material alerts (what to beware of in the industry). If I can be of service to you please let me know. If you can educate me about a code issue or material issue please let me know or vice versus I will let you know. Regards, Larry

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    Larry, welcome to the board. Sounds like you will be a good contributor to the forum. Again welcome!

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    Welcome to the board! We can always use another experienced professional with a wide breadth of experiences. Also welcome to the Dallas area. A little different from Nashville but survivable (Chuckle)!

    Oh by the way it is always interesting to have another Zoomie in the crowd!

    Emmanuel J. Scanlan
    PS Inspection & Property Services LLC
    Home Page For PS Inspection & Property Services LLC
    214-418-4366 (cell)
    TREC License # 7593
    International Code Council, Residential Combination Inspector #5247015-R5 (Electrical, Mechanical, Plumbing and Building)
    Certified Infrared Thermographer (ASNT-TC1A Standards)
    Texas Residential Construction Commission, Third Party Warranty Inspector #1593
    Texas Residential Construction Commission, Inspector, County Inspection Program
    Texas Department Of Insurance, VIP Inspector # 08507061016
    Hayman Residential Engineering Services, Field Technician
    CMC Energy - Certified Energy Auditor

    Knowledge is power, but sharing knowledge brings peace!!

    Knowledge is power, but sharing knowledge brings peace!
    Texas License# 7593


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